Castiadas Ospitale

21.02.2015 17:43

Set up in 2010, the association Castiadas Ospitale brings together more than 30 accommodation and tourist related services with the aim to enhance the economy and image of Castiadas area. We offer accommodation in warm and friendly BB ar rural hotels where guests are made truly welcome; healthy food, open air activities , excursions , language and cooking courses .

Spend some time in Castiadas and recharge the batteries. You can do as much, or as little , as you like, in a relaxed atmosphere at at your own pace.

A discovery-filled vacation waits for you in Castiadas .

Amazing sandy beaches . Picture postcards views. Castiadas allows you to escape the crush of deadlines, traffic jams and over crowded spaces, and to step back in time a little. 

If you need furher information about the area, accommodation, services, excursions and tours, please do not hesitate to contact me.