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"MANY of us imagine Sardinia as a Versace ad come to life: European playboys lounging on megayachts and Champagne flowing endlessly at clubs named, without irony, Billionaire. And it’s so — at least during the fashionable months of July and August, if you limit your visit on the island to the tiny, northeast jet-set enclave known as Costa Smeralda, or the Emerald Coast. The rest of Sardinia, however, about the size of New Hampshire, happily stays out of the limelight. Down-to-earth and affordable, it offers excellent cuisine, raw landscapes and unpretentious locals whose preferred anti-aging method is to drink copious amounts of cannonau wine rather than get Botox injections." NYTimes 2007

Sardinia is the second largest island of the Mediterranean sea after Sicily. It is an ancient island rich in history and legends and everywhere there are traces of human settlements dated from the Neolithic Age. It is an island of wild beauty, from dazzling white beaches to breath taking undiscovered country side.

Some of the best beaches can be found not only at Villasimius, Costa Rei or the Costa Smeralda, but also in many other parts of the island. Many people have described Sardinia as the Caribbean of Europe which is why it is such a popular destination for holiday makers.

The wonderful climate allows to have a very long summer season, from April to November. Sardinia is also a food-lover's paradise, from fresh seafood, breads, olives and wine to suckling pigs and a wide range of cheeses. For many tourist Sardinia is the favourite island for their holidays.

Castiadas on the beautiful island of Sardinia. The ideal place for an inspirational short break that's only a short journey from most UK and European hubs. Whether your preference is a romantic weekend, a short break, a family holiday, an activity trip or a gourmet break, Castiadas offers an unrivalled appeal.

Sooner or later, we each experience the desire to get away from it all: even when we’re not sure if there’s anything to get away from! But 'getting away', of course, doesn’t necessarily mean jetting off to tropical climates; sometimes all it means is spending a long weekend somewhere relaxing.

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