The best arts and crafts holidays in Castiadas

10.01.2014 16:05

Jane P. writes :

I have been looking for a holiday in Sardinia, where I can try out new skills on a residential course. Is there anywhere where I could go for a few days or a week, to experience a taster of several different arts and crafts ?

Sardinia has a rich handicraft heritage that reflects its historical and cultural stratification. Sardinia, a land rich in traditions, costumes, history, has succeded in keeping its culture and authenticity intact; and the Sardinian craftsmanship is nowadays considered one of the best in the world.

Associazione Culturale Mariposa has a great range of arts and crafts courses for young people and adults , suited to beginners and intermediate level students , starting in 2014.

The courses are taught in Italian , although many teachers speak good English and even some German. Courses can include additional hours of General Italian. 

In our centre in Castiadas , on the Italian island of Sardinia, over a 10-day stay you can try basket making , knitting , embroidery and textile art, jewellery making, bread and Sardinian sweets (Sebadas, Pardulas, Pabassinas, Amaretti etc) making , sheep cheese (Pecorino) making, cooking classes , wood carving. 

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